Monday, August 15, 2011

Distractions - again!

Three weeks to the day it falls again - this white stuff! Only this time it is deeper and more widespread - right up to Auckland. And the weather forecast predicts more to come for a few days.

Chris is home from school - I could get used to this! Roll on retirement for both of us. But we will fill up the time just as quickly as I did a few years ago!

Exhibitions and talks loom on the horizon so it is perfect weather to sit snug in the study and peck away here in preparations for them, and not feel guilty and want to be outside doing things!

When I feel the need for change, I head out to the workshop to continue the framing, but not before dressing up pretty much as we did up in the High Arctic not so long ago.

In theory spring is only a few weeks away - yeah right!

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