Monday, April 4, 2016

Corrugated Iron

I've always had a love of corrugated iron. I don't recall when it all started, but I suspect it may have had something to do with old musterers huts in the mountains. Whilst modern huts are nice and comfortable, there is nothing to beat arriving at an old musterers hut after of day of slogging through Canterbury tussocks.
On returning from overseas several weeks ago, I quickly learned that there was a Corrugations exhibition on at the museum, closing at the end of Easter. A no-brainer. We had to visit - and we were not disappointed.

The artist was Jeff Thompson and also his partner, Shona Cameron. The image above explains his background.

The first display on entering the exhibition was a Morris minor car. Now I have owned three of these vehicles and have an ongoing love of them - just like my fondness for corrugated iron.

Below are a few more of their artworks on display. There are far too many to show them all. If you get the opportunity, go see the exhibition if it comes to you. Or go see it at the Tauranga Art Gallery when the tour is completed.

We still dream of building a new home one day. Somewhere and somehow, we'll incorporate some corrugated iron into the design.

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