Thursday, May 15, 2014

Big Brother

I have a big brother.
I also have a big sister.
I love them both immensely.
My big brother who lives in Hamilton frequents Christchurch occasionally to see family and friends. On a recent inner city trip he spied the remains of the Odeon Theatre.
"Did that used to be the St James Theatre" he asked.
On researching I announced that, yes indeed, it did.
"I can see the seats where we sat when Dad took me to hear Ed Hillary and George Lowe speak on their world lecture tour in 1954 after the successful first ascent of Mt Everest" he said.

The old St James Theatre (later the Odeon)
"Grey seats on left. Three down from top. Second and third seats from aisle"!!
Big brother went on to become a very proficient mountaineer, and climbed many times with Ed.
I hope he expands on this story in his blog -

My big brother is also an excellent artist in his retirement, specialising mainly in woodcuts. I am a great fan of his - you only have to see my walls. One of his works that I particularly like is titled "Stretching the Light (after Hotere)" - a 2009 effort. On touring the inner city for the umpteenth time with visitors, I spied this on a wall which kind of reminded me of big brother's artwork. He will understand what I mean.

After Barry Smith - and Hotere 

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