Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Duke of Edinburgh

One of the better incentives for young people was introduced way back in the 1960s from memory.
Interestingly, my school was never involved with it - a school of rugby (and rugby only!), army cadets, and religious studies. My mate Graeme was involved with D of E at his Christchurch high school at the same time.
Now granddaughter Arna is at Burnside high School, she has fully immersed herself in most opportunities to further herself. Through the school she is now fully involved with air cadets at Wigram.
She has now - almost - completed all that is required for her Bronze level D of E.
The last activity was her bronze journey. An overnight journey for two days, involving a minimum of 4 young participants and 6 hours of activity each day. I had the privilege of being asked to be their assessor and Chris as a chaperone!
Well done all of you - very well done!

Almost at destination - Woolshed Creek hut in distance
Three hours of activities in vicinity of hut
On the way out - Arna leading
Happy campers at old mine
Journey's End - Rakaia Gorge bridge

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