Monday, July 27, 2015

NGV #1

Whenever I visit downtown Melbourne, I am invariably drawn to the National Gallery of Victoria just south of the Yarra River. There is always something happening there. This last visit a month or so ago was no exception - especially after the Australian Classic Car show I'd gone into town to see was closed the day I chose to see it!
As many of you know, in my retirement I have become a qualified custom picture framer - an occupation I love even if it does take up rather more time than I originally envisaged. I was sobered when I wandered in to this room at the NGV to see a conservation project in progress.

You can see the original artwork leaning on the back wall. It was approximately 8 x 4 metres in size. One of the largest frames I've ever seen. The width of the frame was ~35-40cms and ~20cms deep. It is difficult to get a handle on the size in these images.
A mammoth task - way beyond my capabilities!! You have to admire conservators.
Unfortunately they too were having a day off!

Deeper into the NGV I came across more artworks - but it was the framing that captured my attention. Do they make frames this intricate today? Marvellous works of art themselves.

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