Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Eyes

Now I have to say from the outset that this is not my image. It was captured on my camera. The artist is my elder daughter, Rachael.
She met up with Chris and I at Fox Glacier at Easter. At the end of a lovely day I decided to walk back to the village via the Minehaha track. To my delight, Rach chose to accompany me. So off we went in the drizzle and failing light at the end of a dull day, me armed with my camera bag and tripod over my shoulder. I don't think we stopped talking for the next two hours. In between sentences Rach started to interrupt and mention nice scenes that she thought might be worthy of capturing.
With a minute of instruction, mainly on coping with my dodgy tripod head (the result of years of abuse and hard work in the desert) she was off and took over my gear, and did see some lovely scenes. This is one such scene. I hope I can have her as my photographing companion again soon.
I got two of her images printed at 'Photo and Video' and then custom framed them for to hang in her lounge. She certainly deserved them. Well done Rach, I'm proud of you.

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