Monday, February 22, 2016

Checking out the City

I've been home a week.
It was time to check out progress with the city rebuild. Chris and I biked in to town yesterday morning. I hadn't seen it for nearly five months so it was good to catch up.
It's certainly happening - and will be a great place  to hang out in, in a few years time. I just wish they would make a few decisions re the big ticket items - the Convention Centre, the Sports Metro, the Stadium - and the Cathedral. At the present rate, the CDB will be completed and the Square will remain dead. Funny, I should be making this remark on the fifth anniversary of the big earthquake!
There's a few new pieces of street art, Spectrum is still on, there's a corrugated iron exhibition at the museum, the Art Gallery has reopened after being closed since the earthquake - so I've got plenty to go see over the next few months.
Yesterday I couldn't resist a few images in town.

Mowing the lawns - Restart Mall
Set Free - new Margaret Mahy playground
Feature Wall - new Margaret Mahy playground
New Street Art - Dr Zeuss?

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