Monday, February 22, 2016

First Car

I talked about a city bike ride yesterday.
At the back of the Cathedral I spotted this car - a 1946 Austin 10 in beautiful restored condition.
It reminded me of my first ever car back in 1966 - a 1939 Austin 10. Looked identical to this one except for the colour. It cost me 70 pounds (pre decimal currency days!!). Loved that car - even if I did manage to roll it on the road into Lake Sumner one Friday night. With help, got it back on it's wheels, poured the oil back in and drove it home. Hardly dented such was the quality (and thickness) of the body - but sufficiently for my parents to notice unfortunately. I used to drive it down to Mt Cook to go climbing. Took ages to get there. Sold it a year later for 68 pounds!!

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