Monday, February 22, 2016

Crossing the Empty Quarter #3

I posted a blog a few days ago re the journey including eight images..... and then promised a few more. So here are eight more for your interest. If anyone wants more, please indicate with a comment. Otherwise, this it! Enjoy.

The last day - outskirts of Doha 
Oman - Saudi border again - Military post of Kyran in distance  
Campsite view - Rub Al Khali 
The Khanger worn by Bin Kalut in 1930 - it has now done the journey twice 
Another day in the Rub Al Khali 
Early start to day in the southern Rub Al Khali 
Deep in the Rub Al Khali 
Doha skyline - Thomas had to travel by Dhow to Bahrain to break the news of his success in February 1931

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  1. Yes, John, like to see more and to hear the stories over (maybe) a drachm (yours). Great photos so far.