Monday, April 30, 2012

The Local Village

Blimey, you go out of the country for a few weeks and the blog system changes. Here goes.........!!

The day we left for Australia, I noticed the blank wall of the local pharmacy down the road from home suddenly became a whole lot brighter. The gap filler projects are an amazing idea. In time the vacant lots left behind after the buildings were demolished will be filled with new buildings - and judging from the signage, this site will be no exception. In the meantime we are left to enjoy this lovely urban landscape - and it is right over the road from my local cafe!

I loved the subtle advertising in the mural. I missed that until a few minutes ago. Sad boy!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Valley Revisited

I've been hankering to wander back up into the Upper Otira Valley for years. It has always been one of my favourite spots to head to. There have been good and bad times up there. I've been involved in several tragic accidents and rescues, climbed the Otira Face of Mt Rolleston with my big brother, plus climbed the mountain by nearly every other route, and when our elder daughter, Rachael, was only a few weeks old, we

carried her up here in a wee cot and placed her under a large rock
to escape the searing sun that day.
Finally, last week, 'The Lads' annual tramping trip (32nd year) - reduced to renting a bach at Arthur's Pass due to crook knees and feet with half the group - staggered up the valley in perfect weather. One member made it up to the low peak of Rolleston - a fine achievement, whilst the rest of us photographed flowers, keas, and generally put the world to right where the Otira slide used to be. What a huge and significant change there has been in the upper valley since I was last there. All rather frightening this global warming - if you don't believe it, wander up there and see for yourself!