Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oman - again

Back at the beginning of January I headed back to Oman for my 17th visit. This time to participate in two Connecting Cultures journeys - the first, 20 girls from 20 countries and the second, 16 boys from 16 countries.
Both were in the Wahiba/Sharqiya Sands. As always these young ambassadors performed admirably for their countries. The discussions were vigorous, the debating forthright!
If the whole world could participate in these journeys the issues we currently contend with would quickly dissipate.

Fireside discussions continue late into the night

Before, between and after these journeys, we managed private trips down the coast, back to the sands, up onto the Jebel and down towards Salalah.
I'll try and come back to this blog and expand on the experiences

Late afternoon up on Jebel Akhdar