Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Remember the implosion poster I produced a few weeks ago?
Scroll down a few blogs and you will find it - go on, do it now. Have another look.
And what is Canteen I hear you ask? Canteen is a national support group for teenagers and their siblings with cancer. I have had an interest with this group for many years, especially when I worked in Oncology. The interest continues today.............
I know the Manager of Canteen here in Christchurch - she used to work with me many moons ago in Oncology. We sat over a coffee ~10 days ago and I proposed the notion of selling copies of this implosion poster with a significant percentage of the proceeds going to Canteen, but that I didn't really know where to start or who to approach. The rest is history - she knew just who to talk to and a meeting was held yesterday with the powers at Radio Network NZ (whose building it was that imploded).
The outcome is that a limited edition of 100 framed prints is to be produced, each signed and numbered and these will be promoted via the airwaves, radio websites and Facebook. Some were purchased at the meeting. The radio folks loved it and feel that it will sell quickly, especially amongst the people who used to occupy the old building.
Why am I telling you all this? Two reasons.............
1. To support Canteen (
2. To give you an early opportunity to purchase one. It may be your only opportunity!
Contact either me or the Christchurch branch of Canteen, or the Radio Network website when it gets up there (will take a week or so). I'll endeavour to update you with details later.

Image Size: 1010mm x 380mm
Plain glass
Black frame
Cost:  $295

A Quick Trip to Oz

Blimey, I started to write a blog three weeks ago, but - as per usual, life intervened.
Now where was I? Juliet (daughter #2) had made the wise decision to move from her tiny flat in north Melbourne to an older but much larger and nicer house a few kilometres away in the same suburb. It was a task she couldn't really manage on her own and as she had very little in the way of support over there, I chose to be the good Dad and go help her.
What neither of us knew at that time was that Juliet (who is a Production Manager for a film company) was to be totally involved in a three day shoot at exactly the same time as the shift. Poor Julz didn't know what to do - or say, or which way to turn.
"Get over it" says Dad. Hire me a truck with a sack barrow, and then get on with what you have to do!!
I did get her shifted basically in the one day I had the truck (a modern Mercedes - very impressive!) but my knuckles were dragging on the ground and I learned that I wasn't getting any younger (denial).

After finishing off last minute jobs on the last day, I cleaned up and jumped on a tram into the city for a well earned coffee before getting the bus to the aiport and home. Whilst in the CBD I captured these two images on my mate's new Canon G12 - Melbourne has some great architecture. It is one of my favourite cities.
Enjoy your new home Julz and Shea.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Green Room

So what is the significance of an old red and yellow truck, I hear you ask? A good question...........

This is one of the 14 images displayed in my latest exhibition which opens tomorrow - Monday 10th September 2012.
The exhibition is at The Green Room cafe in Princess St, Addington, Christchurch.

It is an eclectic collection of images - mostly new, a mixture of colour and black & white. A little bit of everything.

Come and have a look whilst enjoying a coffee with your friends.

Oh, yes - the truck. I love this image. It always makes me feel happy - and that is a good thing. It was in a scrapyard of old trucks in a wee town called Jerome, in Arizona, USA. Time stopped for me here as I rummaged around these old big trucks photographing for hours. Rust is not an issue in this part of the world.