Monday, February 23, 2015

Scooter Man #2

This blog about Scooter Man should have been posted over a month ago but the images were left behind when I headed off to Oman at the beginning of January.
But here we are - I'm back and trying to catch up with myself.
So.... back to Scooter Man - Grandson Shea of course.
A day or so before I left we ventured down to Washington Park, the new skate park that the City council had spent a few million dollars repairing and updating. Wow, what a fantastic asset for the city - even I am impressed. World class park from what I can glean.
Shea was there to impress - and that he did. He is pretty darned good for a wee nine year old.
Had such a park existed ~60 years ago I would have been in there boots and all. I well remember my little wooden scooter, likely a hand-me-down. I'd balance the quart milk bottles on the footrest and then wonder tearfully why Mum was cross when the full bottles crashed off and spread milk and glass shards over the concrete.
Anyway, young Shea held his own as he scootered in amongst the adults on their scooters and skateboards. He even held it together when he crashed heavily in front of the big kids - blood everywhere but not a tear in sight. Well done young man!!

Scooter Man in action

And again - bloodied elbow and all!

Sizing up the bigger drops
Shadow Man
One of the adults - chasing his own shadow
And then just a few days ago I was riding my mountain bike into the city to collect our vehicle after its service. Here I was cycling along at what I thought was a steady pace, when out the corner of my eye I notice a scooter swallowing me up on the footpath - a scooter identical to Shea's - even to the colour. And ridden by a young lad 8-9 years old - Shea's age. Blimey, is there no respect today!!!!
Impressive speed.