Saturday, October 25, 2014

Central City

I 'stole' this image off Facebook this morning. Mea culpa!! (Thanks to Becker Fraser Photography).
Whilst there are still many buildings to be deconstructed (PC word for demolition), the new city is starting to take shape. Very slowly, but progress is progress. Every few weeks I wander into the CBD to check it out. Maybe I will see the end result - I plan to grow old so just maybe!!

Christchurch Central Business District

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our elder daughter, Rachael, used to be a rower - a very good rower.
In fact she was an Under 19 national champion and a few years later an Under 23 national champion.
Soon after life got in the way for her - career - overseas experience in the form of OE to London and work at Harley Street - travel, marriage, family..........
Sadly the oars have gathered dust and she has not been back in a boat for 22 years.
Until now.
A few weeks ago she was asked to help her work team who had entered a team into the Corporate Rowing Challenge. Today was the big day and we were there on the bank screaming our support as we did all those years ago.
She was back in the boat again and the team did well. It wasn't the prettiest rowing we've seen but they held it together as a team.
Now the Corporate Challenge is over, she is keen to continue - and plans to row Masters for the Union Club.
Well done Rach - you brought tears to my eyes today!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A City Awakening

Last weekend I participated in the Southern Regional Convention of the Photographic Society of NZ.
One aspect of the weekend was a field trip. There were four options - I chose the city tour with David Wethey who used to be the Chief Photographer for The Press, our local city newspaper. I figured he would be a good tutor - sound ideas, good tuition, and an eye for the city! I wasn't disappointed.
Sadly the morning passed all too quickly but it was fun for the 3.5 hours we wandered about. Much of it I'd photographed previously, but it was beneficial to see the city through the eyes of an excellent photo journalist.

It was also heartening to see the city slowly but surely coming to life again with new building projects abounding. I read in The Press a few days ago that the Central business District (which was >80% destroyed/demolished) was over 30% completed in the rebuild. I think that figure is way too optimistic!

So here are a few images of a small area of Christchurch as it was on Saturday 4th October 2014.

So many cranes!
Deconstruction 'Art'
Antarctic in The Square
Street Art
The Tram is operating again
New Regent Street - alive again
Ballerina Rebuild
Corner of Gloucester St and Cambridge Terrace
Deloittes new building
Deloittes - detail

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Home Alone

I have several of these places.
And sometimes I just close my eyes...........