Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Star Memories

Those of you who know Christchurch will know the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Well, here it is now - a heap of rubble - not even a shadow of its former self. Although I am personally not one for fancy hotels, I have enjoyed some good meals here. Our son-in-law used to work there as a bar manager and then as purchasing manager. In my formative years (I'd like to think I was still forming!) Victoria Street used to run right through here.
The upper image shows the heap that remains and very soon to disappear, leaving yet another cleared vacant space.
The lower image is ~5-6 images stitched together. The road to the left is Kilmore Street looking east. The road on the right is Durham Street looking south.
The city's town hall is just to the left of the rubble. The verdict is still out as to whether it too comes down - like most of the high rise buildings in the background.
Ho hum.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Frustrated by Technology - and ACC

A typical Monday morning! First few hours sorting out computery things - then out to the workshop to framing tasks. Somehow the header on my blog has minified itself. So what do I do? Than I discover an item on the new blog page that says 'published comments' and there are quite a few there. So I click on these and lo and behold, I find people have commented on past blogs from way back - back into last year - way back. So I do have viewers............!! Thank you for your comments. Somehow I'll have to sort this issue - these issues! Diary note - speak to blog man (aka DW).
And now after 2.5 months of phone calls, ACC have finally approved my claim for a knee injury. now to get the MRI appointment.
The image above was chosen carefully as it seems this is how my mind goes when technology gets the best of me. Must away and plan for a trip into the hills and away from technology as soon as the knee is fixed!!

Crossing the Ditch

It was exactly two years (three for Chris) since we'd flown to Melbourne to see the family. Off we flew on Easter Sunday, the beginning of the school holidays. We were totally unprepared for the cold and rain of Melbourne for the first two days, but then it changed - for the better - with temperatures in the high 20s and blue skies every day for the remainder of the trip. Four days in the Grampians were just awesome. Quintessential Australia - or as we know it anyway! Julz had a photoshoot on during the second week and we were fortunate to be invited along for a few hours to see her and her team in action. It was lovely to spend quality time with wee Shea and see hime loving school - and footy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anzac Day

It has become an annual event for many years now.
Jim and Jude, Mike and Danny went over to Ross to wear Peter's medals and Jim's Dad's medals too.
I was planning to photograph the sunrise off the end of the New Brighton Pier (the right day thanks to TPE), but Anzac won. This year the parade was held in Cranmer Square - an excellent venue with ~5000 people there. The Governor General was a busy boy that day, flitting around the country participating in various Anzac events.
The memorial statue in Cathedral Square was replaced by a simple wooden cross, made by the Australian USAR team with materials recovered from the partially collapsed Christchurch Cathedral.
A lovely morning which turned into a superb autumnal day. A reflective day.
I must wear my Dad's medals one year.
My big brother, Barry has posted an interesting Anzac blog with a fascinating reference to family history.Read it at