Thursday, July 28, 2016

Around the World in 16 Months

Solar Impulse 2.
For the past 16 months this completely solar powered plane has been carefully flying around the world. Two days ago it touched down before dawn at Abu Dhabi airport to complete its around the world journey.
An amazing feat of engineering - something that has transfixed me throughout its journey.
I've tried to share this with many people but somehow it didn't seem to resonate with them the same way it has for me. Maybe I am just a wannabe adventurer and pilot!!
So I thought I would share these few images with my non existent followers. My apologies for the very poor quality of them - they were shot using my Lumix camera handheld  during the live stream of the landing on my laptop.
They have proved it can be done. So now we need to watch this space for developments in the solar engineering domain in the future.
Google Solar Impulse to get the history, story, future, etc.

Solar Impulse about to touch down at Abu Dhabi airport
Touch down - mission accomplished
The two pilots - they shared the legs of the journey
Everything is done manually - mountain bikes with riders holding up the wings, and volunteers pushing/pulling the plane on the tarmac

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