Monday, August 15, 2016

The Bridge of Remembrance

And another city icon, the Bridge of Remembrance has finally been completed after several failed promises to have the bridge refurbished for Anzac Day services - including the centennial service.

Repaired Bridge of Remembrance
My memories of this bridge go back a long way, a very long way - although I didn't ride my tricycle through it when I was three years old!! I chose a different route that day!
I used to go to town with my Mum on the bus at regular intervals. Back then traffic, including buses, used to drive across the bridge. Our bus route to Hornby did not cross the bridge however - it went past the bridge and down Oxford Terrace to the hospital.
Incidentally, the best hamburger shop in the city used to be on the corner of Cashel St and Oxford Terrace directly behind the right abutment in the photo above.
By coincidence, this image below appeared on Facebook a few weeks ago - which prompted me to post this blog.

Bridge of Remembrance circa 1959-1960


  1. Thanks John. Sandra and I were just trying to remember what the bridge used to look like. We knew you could drive over it because Sandra's Dad had the Burger Bar next to Kiddeys Corner. Brings it all back.

  2. Oh - I just read the post - you remember the Burger Bar. I married into fast food royalty. Still miss Ray and those terrific burgers.