Monday, August 8, 2011

Darth Vader in Port?

Amazing what you see when you get your ageing body into some funny positions!!
A week or so ago, I accompanied the Cofishots girls through the tunnel to Lyttelton. The aim of the morning was 'Stairs' which we did, but Lyttelton has so much more to offer - it is my favourite place to spend a few hours with my gear. "Let's go to the haul-out area" they cried. Not being a boatie, I'd never been there - and it was here I met up with Darth Vader. It may not have been Darth Vader - I'm not into science fiction, so it could have been a relative! The others too found some awesome well composed subjects on the various hulls up on their boat frames.
I will be back here to discover more. Lyttelton always beckons, and it is not far away to go with little warning......... and there's a few good cafes enroute!
There never seems to be sufficient time!!

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