Monday, August 1, 2011

A Bevy of Bedfords

Ah, I'm slowly catching up - but to what? Will blame the school holidays, but that is no excuse.
Some of you will know I have a passion for photographing old vehicles, especially old trucks. The more rust, lichen and weathering the better. If you know of any tucked away, please do let me know.
I went out to Leeston two weeks ago with two photographer friends and we spent a few hours lost in the world of yesteryear. Of the 163 images captured that afternoon, this was almost the last of the day just before sunset. So much scope - I will be back there!!
My passion for things old knows no bounds - old vehicles, old gravestones, old buildings, old people. Good grief, what does this say about me I wonder. Careful, I may be able to hear you!!

More anon.

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