Monday, August 22, 2011

TPE and the Seventh Wave

What is TPE I hear you ask?

The Photographer's Ephemeris.

And what is Ephemeris?

The Oxford Dictionary describes Ephemera as '..things of only short lived use'.

Google TPE and download the software (free) - it's great.

To cut a long story short, it comes up with google maps, click on the the spot you are interested in, then go to the date, and wham - it tells you sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset - times and direction. Great.
So what? Well, according to TPE, last Saturday morning the sun was predicted to rise at 0717 dead off the end of the New Brighton Pier.

And indeed it did - bang on! Three of us were down there in the chilly pre-dawn with our woollies and gumboots on snapping away to our hearts content. Here are a few of my results from the exercise.

And what about that seventh wave?

They always say every seventh wave is a bigger one. Right towards the end of the shoot we were caught out - didn't see it coming at all. Good thing I was holding onto the tripod. Wet up to the crutch and gumboots full of water. Bugger! Got the images though.

It was time for a hearty breakfast - but are there any cafes open over the east (and munted) side of town at 0800 on a Saturday morning? No. But we did find a great wee truckers cafe in Woolston with super cheap prices and a huge mug of coffee too.

All in all, a great morning - and excellent company too.

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