Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Best Laid Plans..............

"Hi Katie, my diary tells me you are staying tomorrow night, en route to LA.
Seen the weather forecast? Got a Plan B in mind?"
"Yes Little Brother, I'm coming tomorrow. The weather is great here (Waikawa Bay) - no problem. Gonna drive the wee Mazda down"
"You might want to think about that plan Katie. Call first thing in the morning before you leave"
"Hey Johnny, doesn't sound too good this morning eh. Might have to get Hans to drive me down in the 4WD"
"Katie, SH1 is now closed between Kaikoura and Waipara, so driving is now out of the question"
"But Little Brother, it is still beautiful weather here - what's the problem?"
"Mmmm, thought about Plan C yet?"
(An hour later) "Have booked on the train Johnny - it's running again for the first time today. Arrives at 1835. Can you pick me up and take me direct to the airport. I'll stay there the night rather than risk it at sparrowfart in the morning"
"Ok, no problem Katie"
And so she arrived at 1842, only 7 minutes late - and that was due to the Tranz Alpine train being late. So straight to the airport we drove - carefully in the blizzard conditions.
(This morning - early) "Oh Johnny the airport is closed and my plane can't get in. They have rebooked me for tomorrow morning but I have to be there by 0400. I think I'd rather stay here just in case something comes up"
"OK Katie, hang in there"
And so she does - the waiting continues. It is likely to be a long night. There is more snow predicted for tonight. Hopefully she will begin her journey to LA and not need a Plan D!!

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